Thursday, December 1, 2011

Da Maria Trattoria Ponterosso

I never imagined a fish restaurant to look like a witches' tea room. Everything from the wall hangings to the chandeliers was either symbolic mystic or frou frou, a combination realized completely here in Maria's Trattoria. Her food exists on a different plane entirely (NOT frou frou), simple yet divine rustic cooking. Fresh fish and some local fare like a polenta fritata with clam meat and salad greens with freshly made olive oil. How did her trattoria land in the lists of must-visit trattoria's in Italy (surely its not the interior design)? Its in the fine selection of the best and freshest ingredients. No need to embellish something when its already so good no? 


Sberleffo said...

beautiful post!! CiaoKat

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

beautiful post, fabulously written and perfect pictures

Unknown said...

Oy Guise, anke tuo con fratello e bello e divertente. hehe

Thanks Miss K, coming from fabulous you is a warm compliment <3

Anonymous said...

even tough i'm not a big fan of fish, i think that this lovely place would turn things around for me. i'm loving the unique interiors!

thanks for stopping by! you have a new follower.

ciao! leyla.

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