Saturday, December 10, 2011

Black and White Truffles

Some weeks ago we went out looking for a Sagra dei Funghi (Mushroom Festival. ehem) and found a Sagra del Tartufo instead. Not bad considering that Truffles are such gems (worth gold especially the white ones), a flavor you cannot mistake and a taste so divine. Amandola is the right spot. Set high up beside the Sybilline Mountains, you can tell with its lush greenery that many treaures are bound to be discovered and not just in the shape of Tartufi but also of.... cheese. Mozarella Buffala. The creamiest white blob in the whole world.

In little tables, truffle hunters display their finds. Maybe a small basket of black ones and a handful of white ones and a weighing scale - perhaps the most high tech device they carry (gotta count all those teeny milligrams). Occasionally the dog sniffer meister sits under, the real hunter BTW. Of couse we could just watch and sniff.

Saw the first of the Presepe-s (nativity scene) which is originally a tradition from Naples. A nice preview of what is to come. weeehihi


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

love the vintage effect of this post! i don't know anything about truffles, the only thing i know is the fact that it is expensive! wish i had a better food knowledge

Unknown said...

haha me too! i never tried it before until recently, actually. also coming from asia i'm so used to strong flavors and spices - subtle is a totally new experience for me. lol. good thing is that i'm appreciating more simple food this time round

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. Colours so gentle on my eyes - love it. The Presepe is so cute!

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