Tuesday, May 19, 2009

lost entry from the genesis

eve looks behind her and calls to adam, "come over here, theres something i want to show you."
the morning sun was beginning to rise behind the valley and already the leaves were shaking for that warm burst of yellow. the blooms were on its tips, ready to be expressed.

he was staring at the ground. inspecting the procession of ants into what seemed to look like, a very tiny version of a hill. "something is happening here.", adam replied without lifting his head.

he bends down to have a closer look. "so this is how mountains are created..."

it was 6:21am and the sun was finally up. with its yellow came the blue and reds and the purples. the trees began to talk amongst themselves while birds delivered their message across the land. eve was still standing, head turned towards a scene with a man bent towards the ground and the valley, oblivious, went on with the daily ritual.


Francesco Conte said...

very nice!
i like the first part particularly

way nice :)

Unknown said...

adam and eve are the first couple afterall. some stories may have never been told ;)

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