Friday, May 15, 2009

the great contentment exercise

ah energies. its like sitting in a garden and witnessing the seasons pass by. the scent of the air won't ever be quite the same as the last wiff, breath, moment of recognition.

Oxytocin. a friend mentions it in the middle of a digital (chat) discussion about conflictions, snacking, (and on my head) time and having very little of it to spend on pleasurable experiences. say like, sleeping, snuggling or hugging children - and also grown ups. and also pets, thats nice too. and yes touch is so very special. so special that it releases a special hormone called Oxytocin, also known as "legal extacy". once the idea registered in my brain, a mental hand flips through that binder of memories to look for any possible evidence supporting this scientific fact.

this is what i found:
- hugs were and still are very nice
- communication involving less talk is also very nice
- talk can actually get in the way of communication in some cases
- sometimes a gentle touch will suffice
- the best experiences weren't complicated
- the best experiences were the most natural
- complications often explode into humble simplification
- a pillow is a great device to rest your head on

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Pedja said...

you said it sistah!

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