Friday, February 10, 2012

2nd day of Yoga. feeling rusty

Word of warning, personal bits coming in a few..
I suppose its the cold and being indoors for too long thats making me come face to face with myself and all of those things we'd rather brush off, hoping it'll take care of itself. After giving birth I've gone through a total life change (as do all new parents, mothers). I've never felt so much love for another human being and so much responsibility at the same time - its almost scary. No words can fully describe its beauty. Yes, many challenges yet many surprises and new discoveries too.

So, where were we? That thing I'd been brushing off? Its me. I feel like I've been neglecting myself.

To be honest, its actually been nice not having to put on makeup or care much about the way I look for the last couple of months. I'm less self-conscious and thats a load off my mind and allows me to perform other things like work and being a mom with ease. My baby guru teaches me to live in the moment all the time - every wail, every diaper change, every giggle, each of his wriggly toes mesmerizing me and putting my mind off silly things like getting a haircut. He helps me focus on what matters. That being said, I think I matter and lately I've been feeling a bit lost, a bit elsewhere, waiting to come back to earth and inhabit my body once again.

Alison, an expat like me, wonderful being living in Tuscany, had this 30 days 2 change 1 thing program and I've been wanting to participate but couldn't nail down that one thing (I had several things in mind). I finally decided that doing yoga everyday for 30 days would do me good. Why? Its me making time with my body, giving it back some love and respect, and just being quiet with myself without judgement - peace is the word, I think. :) Its my 2nd day today and boy do I feel rusty.
A very quick report here.

And if anyone shares this dream of living sustainably in an open-mind/heart community, you'll be pleased to find out that it exists in reality. My friends in the Philippines are making it happen. Take a look and share your thoughts/dreams if you like.

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