Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Muse: Smallest Forest

I met her only once, in Manila - call it a chance encounter through a friend of a dear friend who happened to be into art and all that good stuff. and she, Natalie or Smallest Forest, revealed herself and blew my mind with the wildest things I could dream of. But really, before I even saw her work, she made me laugh so hard I could've choked on my own spit. Sharp, witty, unpretentious, fierce, wild and natural. I immediately felt a deep respect and kinship.

And yes, soon after that encounter I saw her work.
What can I say, I felt my heart explode.
In a nutshell: Nat is a multi-artist extraordinaire. Whimsy and wanderlust (and kawaii!) brought together through embroidery, book-making, painting, calligraphy, and more. While she writes/transports you there where she is, permitting entry into those spaces/moments, lost in time, in another world, you will most likely, simply, fall in love. Take a moment to bathe in her work.

Oh and did I mention she lives in a boat? With her junk-sailing Monsoon Dervish - a story that shouldn't be missed!

Read and follow her adventures through her blog and take a look at her wares (books and art = art books) on her Etsy shop. Hand-made with care and love guaranteed!

A look at the letter within a letter she sent to me for christmas. What can I say, I felt my heart explode.

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