Tuesday, February 21, 2012


For a long time I've been wanting to make my own clothes. Slowly in the last 2 years I've accumulated some vintage fabrics (some beautiful ones from an old woman in Mani, Greece and others given as presents). I don't shop very often. Most of my clothes are either thrifted or given or bought for a specific function and to last at least several lifetimes. like my trusty 4-year old Columbia water-heat-resistant (made from parachute material, as Nat puts it) folds-into-a-little-bag pants. I'm/we're also nomadic and "packing light" means less stuff to take around = peace of mind. Then again, I like dresses and I like dressing beautifully. I like a good story and clothing is a medium for telling. That said, and considering we've been land-locked for some time now, a wardrobe transformation is in the works. Starting with these patterns  that got me all the more excited - FOLKWEAR!!! The combined awesomeness of culture, history, art, and clothing. *smile*

hey Jill, I hope you enjoy these. Lets definitely make Folkabilly a possibility. :)

I got vintage freebies too! thanks Cloe!

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