Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lunch in the Country

Last weekend our friends Roberto and Patricia invited us over for lunch at their country house. Despite the cold I was all YAY! I love Patricia's cooking!! hehehe.. Lets not even begin to discuss about food this cold wintery season (THAT and breast-feeding a growing 7monther - FAM..ISHED). The best part of lunch was, not only, the Risotto con Ortica e Peperoncino (warming and spicy, mmm) but the fact that most everything came fresh out of their vegetable garden.

How I'd love to have my own little Orto and grow our food, interesting varieties of veg and fruit such as those you'll see here. The house is truly carina, small yet bright and cozy. Roberto's handiwork.

No country-house is complete without home-made preserves. Tomato sauce and nocinello, sweet liquore made with walnuts. mmm..

After a bit of sweet and caffè Fra went out with Roberto to pick some Perssimons. There were so many! So many they were that we brought home a crate-full. :) Happy indeed to be enjoying much of my favorite winter fruit. Also, if you care to explore this part of Marche, check out Fra's blog on this.

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