Monday, August 31, 2009

In the Face of Arrested Development

This is an "Aura" Photograph, also referred to as Kirlian Photography. Discovered by Semyon Kirlian who accidentaly discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is subjected to a strong electric field, an image is created on the plate. More here.

So.. A lot of interesting things have been going on lately. Lots of work. Guess its true what they say about playing big games - you get big problems. A scratch in the head, some pacing about the room and maybe a a bit of clutter-clearing will help provide that zen, that space that takes care of that valuable portable ecosystem we take with us along with our bodies (its an arms length radius from our chest and perhaps a bit beyond that) Call it AURA. or VIBE. or MOJO. The most of pure of creatures, babies, can see it. and colors, or the absence of it, never lie. On a side note, I think it would actually be nice to have a tiny person stand by the office so when people come in he can get them present to whatever it is their avoiding thats getting in the way of them doing what they came there to do. (Tiny Person: Hey you! Quit brooding over last night's fight with mom. She was having a migraine. Get over it and get back to work.)

Like, if your a journeyman on a lifelong expedition. There are surely some walls along the way blocking you from reaching those mini-goals-turned-major-goals and sometimes a good FACE OFF (reality check pain baby) is required for us to remember that goals are "more like guidelines anyway", quoting Keira Knightly in Pirates of The Carribean. There is no foolproof plan and no such thing as absolute certainty. In fact, people who have been relentlessly stubborn about certainly knowing end up conveniently alone atop the mountain as Kings, stiff, still and unmoving, dead before their time to go. Arrested development. I've found myself in that throne many times and every time I hit a wall I have to give up that pretty crown. There are times when it almost seems like a scene in Braveheart. *choke* haha

Guess thats life, right there, in YO face. Your own reflection looking back at you angrily in the eyes of your boss or ripply on a pool on a clear day or smiling back from a picture you take with a camera. *shrug* as long as the picture isn't the same, its probably all good. =)

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