Monday, August 17, 2009

indecision nation

"is it bad to be indecisive?", he asks with a guilty look on his face.

i gave it some thought and realized that its not so much about indecision being bad than indecisiveness being plain exhausting. surely many choices require thought and yet if all your activities would be reduced to nothing more than thinking and calculating, expect death itself to come knocking first on your head and science will have gravity do its best - to do the rest. i mean really, what could be heavier than "what ifs"? better futures and better options and there instead of here and... woooh.. makes you just want to grab a beer and sleep.

when did we stop relishing our moments? when did the sparkle leave our eye to be replaced by a thin film of cellophane, glassy and filtering the light? i don't think its a recent development. actually, it looks like its been a while. maybe since the internet or way before that, 80s punk! or the french revolution? mesopotamia? the invention of class hierarchy?

well really, it all started when eve ate the apple from the garden of eden - and adam too, munching away. before that, the garden was perfectly alright. plants growing, animals grazing. you know. life doing its thing.

but anyway, indecision. the weight of the world on your back and that sculpture of "the thinker" that says it all. the difference is obvious between one who has chosen and one who has not. its as clear as the distinction of heaven and hell, hell being the latter. so... shall we mark an X on all our questionings and wonderings and ponderings? no, not at all. the exploration MUST go onward! its the extended stop-over/lay-overs that we can do without. and you'll know it. you'll know when your living and when your not.

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