Friday, August 14, 2009

Managing Obsessions

for most people (if not all) general themes play in their lives based on their obsessions. its like the fragrance of your moments. for a certain period you might be largely goth and less zen, and perhaps intergalactic tree-hugger for the most part of summer and then brooding poet during the rainy seasons. it doesn't matter generally but it does color your life and not everyone remembers how a single thought, the paying attention to it that extends from a second to an hour, to a day, and then suddenly it shows in the way you dress, the way you talk, walk, kiss, shake hands.. its a big thing to entertain thoughts and yet we hardly remember that we choose it. and many times before we know it, its taken over us.

A preoccupation with a feeling or idea. The term is derived from the Latin obsidere, which means "to sit before," "to lay siege to," and figuratively "to control an audience." From this is derived the noun obsidio, which means "detention," or "captivity," and figuratively "a pressing danger."

to be captivated, inspired then entranced are the steps to obsession. anyone successful in any field is obsessed about it in some way. and others have also been possessed by it to the point of insanity. thats when thoughts run amuck and instead of our "inspiration" freeing us, we feel trapped, choice-less, and then we cease to BE. this seems to be the case for many drug abusers, a root cause for depression, of being stuck.

removing obsession is an impossible task and for some, its necessary and requisite for going on with life. people can get obsessed over great things like saving the planet and although it can get pretty insane, it gets them to do/create great things.

my own investigation and obsession has led me to believe that a good look at the origins of things is the first key to reclaiming freedom. it all starts with thought, liking it and thinking about it some more. just the recognition of it, of the act of creating your reality just by spending time thinking thoughts you chose/like - it gets you present to you being the author, the cause of your moments. and even when experiences, events, and people can take you on a trip you might not want to take - our thinking still changes everything.

obsessions can get crazy but i think they can be managed through awareness (meditation) along with an effort to expose yourself, or at least be open, to things/thoughts/ideas other than those your already used to. basically, diversify by trying new things like listening to new music or traveling or conversing with someone you might not normally talk to. this is all still unfolding as i go along and while "managing obsession" seems like a funny job description, its an interesting activity - and creative too.

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