Friday, August 7, 2009

the pathway to recovery

mm.. i look from the side and smile satisfied that the angle didn't just provide an interesting picture but also a nice neck stretch. i'm looking at a picture from the internet, and writing some between reading myself some tarot -between yawns and the impending toothbrush ritual. the treetops are shaking and rustling against each other from the outside, as if in bed, easing for that sweet spot on its leafy pillow. i thank the bus and its driver taking me from strange Paranaque and back to good old Pasig, zigzagging around cars and around road lines, flipping my hair and making it fly like it never has since i got sick and stayed in bed. the wild press of the wooden backseat against the ribbon on my back, making itself known on every traffic light and/or passage of an intercepting vehicle - mmm that awkward pressure, misplaced and refreshing. the wanton display of Edsa "night life" both in sky and in land, parading and batting its eye, flashing its skin. i look halfway and see everything.

and now *yawn* its time to rest and curl into the mother's womb nestling gently into the nice cozy darkness.

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