Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oliveto in Mogliano

Its summer, the perfect time to invite friends over for dinner outdoors. What better place to be than in the countryside - in this instance, Oliveto, an olive farm in Mogliano, a small town set in the hills of Marche. Tamsin, the artist/designer who I met through Etsy by chance (or destiny!), runs the place with her husband Aldo.

This is my first summer in the Italian countryside. Last year's was spent mostly in sea-side Sardinia, so I never really had that "Italian" feeling you get from watching movies like Under the Tuscan Sun or Eat, Pray, Love. All the better, I think, as I've developed my own feelings about being in this country, not all of which are movie-worthy. hehe..

Still, it is a sight to see. A nice smell in the air with all the vegetation, so green and lush against the pale brick walls. Everyone a bit more perky, sociable, and finally we can wear less clothes (and flipflops!).

Oliveto gave me that Italian feeling. Its just so rustic and irresistible. Flowers jutting out from nowhere begging to get noticed even when you don't see them, they'll get you by the lungs!

This is a discovery - Elderflower cordial. Its fermented elderflower with sugar and lemon that just makes you want to wear a victorian gown while taking a nice cool sip. Respect the Elders!

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