Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wedding in Alassio

From Wedding in Alassio

About a month ago we witnessed a lovely wedding in Alassio, a sweet little town by the sea in the northern region of Leguria where roads take you to Italy's neighbor, France. Francesca, the bride, looked amazing with her dress, a simple yet elegant gown colored with light blue stripes reflecting the color of the sea and sky in spring. Edward, the groom, blushed and smiling under the sun and us happy, enjoying the weather and the wonderful company - it was a pleasure indeed.

Corrado, a friend greets the bride
Oh, and I designed the wedding invite too! It was their idea to have a retro postcard with an image of old Alassio and its shoreline.

Old black and white photo of Alassio reframed, sepiafied and redistressed
The next morning, Alassio still looking like it did in the postcard

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